Ghanaians launch their Digital Water ATM Machine, where you can pay directly before you fetch water from the Tap!!

Tap Water Gone Digital after Ghanaians unveil their Groundbreaking innovation as they launch their Digital Water ATM Machine, where you can pay directly before you fetch water from the Tap.

The photo that went viral on Twitter after it was posted by a popular Twitter news media report, caught the attention of Twitter users as they reacted;

@bra Kojo

What sort of innovation is this… Why is it annoying me more than making me excited…this is just STUPID WORK. so they couldn’t use that money to channel water to peoples homes, or create boreholes to provide water and still people carry water on their heads?? 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️😠😤


You see my people God, they complain that we can’t compete wid the advanced countries because of technology know-how, now somebody thru innovation has design this and all you can do is lambasting the idea instead of sharing your views to help improve , fake people mtcheeeeew

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Those complaining hmm, have u thought of those who buy water in kuffour gallons? or u have forgotten people pay for that? .. imagine more of these across the country in communities where pipelines are not connected to all homes, but hey, u prefer boreholes cos it’s free, no bills

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What about all those homes just get connected? They’ll still pay, right? Gwc gets their money back, and the people get convenient water supply in their homes. Everyone wins. Carrying water on our heads and calling it innovation smh


I guess this is a rural area. How many people have access to mobile money to load their cards? These people deserve some basic things from the government at no cost . They shouldn’t be paying for water .

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Someone has sat down and taught as a normal human being by inventing this. We can add up to his ideas as a country so that citizens won’t carry water anymore thus by extending it to our various homes and not to insult him like this. Let’s support our own please


This benefits the water point owner by protecting his/her revenue from the water attendant. The women and children who have to carry loads of water to the homestead are as they were. Possible to piping treated clean water to the homesteads?Africa 50-60 yrs after ‘Independence’


It’s 2020… They could have still connected this water directly into their homes even if they still have to pay for it, rather than have someone stand with a bowl on her head to fetch some water and then trek home with the water on her head. Suffering and smiling ☹️.

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