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Same Old Tricks!!! Edo state Election is Just By The Corner and Oshobaba has hit the streets to Buy Corn from a roadside Corn seller!! (Video)

Who is going to deliver the grassroots from this beggar mindset? Same pattern, same format yet people are falling to pieces again. #EdoDecides2020 is at the corner, Oshiomhole is back on the streets buying roasted corn.

See reactions by Nigerians:


That is the poverty of the mind that has kept the populace captive.

This is the same man that came with the slogan ‘one man one vote’ some few yrs back but today he can’t use that same slogan because he is now a rigging machine for APC and his selfish gain.

When a lion is seen drinking water in the same pool of water with a gazelle at the same time, just know that an election to fool the gazelle is about to take Palace.Oshiomole now know that he can fool the ‘foolish people’

@ Execel

Edo people will always remain in darkeness if they follow this deciever again.
They should learn from what happen in the federal level, Goodluck was removed and replaced with disaster.


Slavery only taught Nigerians how to survive but not how to live….

Right there, each and everyone of them is solely concerned about their own pockets and personal gains not after what they actually deserve…

Shebi I heard they have kuku put us on jiji..


The youths haven’t learnt anything. Only concern about the present with no thought for their future. We celebrate con men and castigate heroes. We can only pray Edo gets it right this time.

Ayo obe

I’m not sure Twitter is where voters come to know what is right or wrong, we’re just here for the skinny on pple who “trade their votes for money or bag of salt.”😜
I agree politics is a local game, but it could be a mistake to make assumptions about those who shout “Osho Baba!’


“Hunger and Stupidity” are Siamese twins. If you’re a confirmed serial killer in Naija, some people Will still worship you and elevate you to ‘saint’ height. God, naso u go dey look us???!!!


Edo people should be spiritually sensitive and be liberated or spiritually insensitive and be hypnotised for the 2020 guber election. They’ve started to play on the average minds of the Edo people with buying of corns the next thing to come will be massive vote buying and rigging

Watch video below

what can you say to this?

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