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Lady narrates how her gateman kidnapped her and demand N30m ransom

I have come with heart filled with thanksgiving to thee king of kings,the giver of life,for showing me and my household mercy and delivering us from heartlesss armed men.

On Saturday the 4the of July 2020,my husband had travelled for work. So I was home alone with my girls. We had gone to visit my younger sister, we came back at about 7pm. Sadly unknown to me, my gateman whom I showed nothing to him but love had connived with his gang members and laid ambush in the compound to attack me us.

The moment I drove into the compound, he rushed to start the gen, on coming out of the car and proceeding to the house with my kids, these three armed men with long and short sparkly cutlass came out from the back of the building and attacked us, me particularly, God removed their attention from my children, they threatened them not make noise and locked them in their room,they tortured me with all those arms they came with, asking for 30million, I was like who keeps 30million in the house, each time they asked for money and didn’t get a favourable response from me, they beat, punched the hell out of me, they kept using their leg to smash my head, they promised to kill me that night if I didn’t give them 30million.

They took my ATM cards asked for the pin at some point they asked me to do a transfer for them; which was trying to do,but as God will have it,my husband felt it and started calling non-stop and called some other family members who started calling all the phones in the house including my children’s phones started ringing almost at the same time, and my husband who suspected all was not right sent some neighbors who came and kept banging on the gate, which made their raid cut short. While they where beating me I kept praying in all the languages I know.

They tied my hand and leg so tight, then two of the men held my neck so tight and where trying to strangle me to death, and when it seems their hand was not working they used rope to tie my neck and kept strangling me, while they were doing that, I have made my peace with God, said my last prayers, when something miraculous happened, I knocked out for some seconds, my breath ceased but lI was still conscious, how I got the energy to do that I can’t explain, and when that happened they thought I was dead, they raided the house, made away with phones,tablet, money, ATM and some valuables, and ran away.

When I didn’t hear noises again, I got up untied my leg,ran down stairs and lock the door, went to my children’s room and found them under the duvet, my daughter got a knife cut those ropes and immediately we started hearing bangs on the gate, I rushed and asked who, and it was my neighbours, the moment they opened the gatel slumped on their hand and they rushed me to the hospital Honestly it was so horrible and the trauma is something else, please keep us in your prayers. God showed me mercy and preserved my life, if my body is filled with lips it’s not enough to thank you dear Lord. Please help me and the King of Kings for counting me worthy

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