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Police officers hunt down A Lady who was Caught Sucking A 2months old child Genital

Police officers seek the location of a Lady Caught Sucking A 2months old child Genital

The worst are yet to come as the world is gradually getting messed up by the inhabitants dwelling in it, this are the signs of endtimes telling us that the world will soon end.


The evil committed by some evil human being are unexplainable and disgusting, when it alone will make some go crazy, that show you the extend the world is gradually getting to.

A disgusting video footage has surfaced the internet showing a mature lady committing abominatio with an innocent 8months baby who does not know what is happening around him because he is still little in knowledge.

According to the video footage, A lady was seen sucking the genital of a 8 months old baby repeatedly without feeling remorseful.

What makes matter worst is that the lady was obviously smiling and making gestures like she was praying while committing the horrid act.

The innocent baby was stable not knowing what the wicked lady is doing to him, but he was too little to understand what she was going.

The video which sparked a lot of outrage had many Nigerians calling to attention, the Nigerian police force to act upon it immediately and bring to book the evil lady that was seen committing the evil crime.

One thing we all have to know is that social media is getting smarter by the day, and the earlier we realize this and be mindful of what we do.

The terrible incident has draw the maximum attention of Nigeria police officers seeking for the location of the lady so that she would be brought to for her abominable deeds.

Police posted below :

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