Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Man cry out after going to the police station to reports his sewing machine that was stolen, instead the police officers beat him up and tear his clothes attempted to arrest him (video)

Man got more than what he bargained after his was mis handle by police officers who he entrusted his safety of property to.

Some time Nigeria police officers are not reliable and trusted in terms of dealing with critical issue, they intend to go bias when the victim offer them money, instead of them to handle the situation accordingly they intentionally compromise.

today we got a report via a video footage that was released by an eyewitness concerning some boys that was maltreated by police officers after going to the police station to reports a case.

According to the report, one of the boys went to the police station to reports his stolen bike, when they got to the police station, instead of the police officer to look circumspectly into the issue to attempted to arrest the young boy who came to the station to reports a case.

The two boys were beaten and their clothes was tored by the police officers forcefully wanted to arrest them by all means.

Watch video below :

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