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Nigeria polices shot a boy to death along with his friend, after one of boy came to police station with axes requesting the release of his friend who was detained over 2days

KC wowo reported below:

Two boys shoot to death by police in Jesse town Delta State, they are not robbers or kidnappers according to report one of them took the law into his hands.

by going to police station with a battle Axe to request for the release of his friend that was in detention for two days after he was arrested by vigilante and handed over to the police for cultism,


according to report the friend that came for the released of the one in detention was really misbehaving at the police station and they angrily shoot him and brought the other boy in police cell outside and also shoot that one in cold blood too.

that does not warrant their killings, this police brutality most stop American can’t be killing black and we are also killing our future leaders becs of their myopic upbringing, SayNo TOPolice Brutality



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