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Am tired: Boko Haram member voluntarily surrenders to Nigerian Military with massive gun on his hands

The battle against humanity will not prevail as God has the way of saving humanity from insurgents who has vow to make sure they eradicate people without any cause.

It has been a decades now since Nigeria army has been battling book Haram, but alot of lives where lost at the process as the insurgents book Haram kept on slaughtering people.

In order to cause more phobia in the mind of Nigeria citizens they take pleasure in slaughtering people at the same video record act post in on the internet, Immediately people see it they starts feeling timid and unsafe.

Notwithstanding God is with Nigeria who will not allow the insurgents to wipe off peole from the nation.

Today we got a report how a member of boko Haram insurgents surrendered voluntarily to Nigeria soldiers.

According to reports, this member of boko Haram named Yahaya AKA Saad Karami, voluntarily surrendered to troops of 242 Battalion in Monguno.

Several attack made by boko Haram which resulted to massive slaughter was led by this man.

He led the last attack on Troops in Baga town and equally participated in attacks on Metele, Mairari, Bindiram, Kangarwa and Shetimari (Niger Republic).

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