Wednesday, July 15, 2020
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Lady kissed and Swallowed the head of living Snake (video)

Some people are really creepy with their way of life, because of the unbelievable things they subject themselves into.

A video footage today revealed the moment a young and unidentified lady was kissing a living snake simultaneously swallowed the snake from the head.

The video footage also showed the people who was the scene praising and applauding the lady while kissing and swallowing the snake.

It was gathered that, the lady and one of her friends happened to be snake lover, because the other lady who was beside her was holding a living snake around his neck.

The video that went viral on the social media , got every one talking, imagining how could a normal human being kiss and swallowed the head of a live snake .

Because snake and human beings are met to be enemies, but seeing a lady kissing it, render her extraordinary human being

Watch video below:

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Lady swallowed live snake

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