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Tears: White police officer strangled a black man to death with his kneel in the public,just because is black- (video)


Having skin colour isn’t a bad start even though Racism or Racial discrimination goes beyond that. On that basis I have never seen a black man hate another man  just cause because he’s black.

People hate people for varied reasons and that isn’t particularly tied down to a particular race. Hatred for whatever reasons are a universal phenomenon.

But I think the disgust is one hating  because of your skin color. because you can’t change that and it isn’t your fault you re black.

A video footage  revealed how a black man was killed by a police officer in USA for no reason.

Screenshot_20200526-184200_Video Downloader - for Instagram

According to the video the police officer was spotted strangling the black man with his knee till he gave up the ghost.


Before the black man finally gave, he was begging the police officer to let go off his neck that he can’t breathe any longer, but the police officer kept on pressing his neck with his knee without having any compassion on the dying  black man.

This has eventually revealed the rate of racist in white countries,  some white people  see black peole as unfortunately beings and animals, it was never our fault that we are black people, that was how we were born and it can not be changed.


After watching the video I shared tears seeing my fellow black man killed in the public by a police  officer without any offence worth of death .


Watch video below:

Please share let the world see how white police officer





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