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Never believe that your woman loves you unconditionally – Satirist Oluniyi says, see why


He posted below:

Oluniyi Gates @OloyeGates As a guy, there are some self delusions you should never fall for. Top on the list that that your woman loves you unconditionally. Every man and I mean every single man is loved on the condition that they are able to provide.


Women don’t play that shit. Women are loved unconditionally, children same, pets too. But as a man, you are loved under the condition that you’re someone valuable or that you provide something valuable.


No woman loves you unconditionally and that’s just truth. You’d hardly hear that a marriage got broken up because a woman lost her job or that she suffered some kind of financial misfortune. As a man, once that happens to you and God forbid, the countdown begins. You either get yourself out of that hole, or you lose your family. I just want to prepare your mind.

It doesn’t mean that women are not wonderful people who will support you, maybe your grandfather was even lucky to keep his wife because she needed him for societal status of being a wife. In that case she’s willing to accept that bare minimum but that’s not love. That’s just settling.

So fellas, get your game up and always be on your job. Anything that can get in your way of providing for your family, cut that shit out even if it is your own bad characters.Women will love you when the going is good and when it is good only.

Every other situation, she’s either looking for an upgrade, or she can’t find one so she has decided to settle for you. It is not love. Just thought l’d tell you that.

What can you say to this?


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