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How the N200 help I rendered made me N20k richer within 24hrs -Nigeria Lady

She posted below:

jesutofunmi @tofunmhi

I don’t know if this is related but l’m going to link it together. Yesterday,on my way out,an elderly woman wanted to enter the busl was in and was begging the conductor to collect 150 instead of 200,the man embarrassed her and sent her down.

I then asked the woman to enter and Told her I’ll pay the whole 200,she shouldn’t worry. BL She was so happy and kept on praying for me till we got to where we were going, I kept saying amen till I got tired. On my way back home, l also got stranded cos now l’m short on t fare cos of the woman I helped but somehow, I still got bus last last.


Today,a random person texted me on Instagram,I didn’t reply until he said “don’t worry,I’m married and I’m not even in the country,l’m not trying to ask you out” sol replied,he then told me he went through my page and I seem like a very happy girl, he Asked if I’ve smiled today,I told him not really but l’m ok. He then asked for my details, he said sol can smile.

I did and he sent me 20k,just like that! I’m just so excited cos God returned my 200naira in a hundred folds Indeed,it pays to give



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