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“E no go ever better for Burutai- Nigerian Soldiers Weep out after Boko Haram attack them, burn down their vehicle in sambisa forest (video)

What Nigerian soldiers are passing through in the hands of boko Haram is a pitiable situation, due to lack of sophisticated weapon to battle boko Haram, Nigeria soldiers are been ambushed by boko Haram occasionally.

The federal government of Nigeria, are relaxing thinking all is well while Nigeria soldiers are being slaughtered every day in sambisa forest by boko Haram insurgents.

The weapons givens to Nigeria soldiers to fight boko Haram are not sophisticated rather a low class weapon , this boko Haram has all the weapons, not just weapons sophisticated weapons that is why they always have the upper hand during battle with Nigeria soldiers.

A video posted by an eyewitness, show the moment Nigeria soldiers were weeping in the forests of sambisa after being ambushed by boko Haram times without number.

Their vehicle was burn down to ashes, the video revealed that.

In the video that was posted, Nigeria soldiers were seeing weeping and cursing the chief of army staff for his abondoning them all alone in the bush.

watch video below:

Please your opinion is needed what can you say to this?

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