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Photos of the Three Army Men That Kidnapped Leo Waya From Owerri Hotel And Murdered Him in a forest

Captured above are the culprits that Kidnapped and killed Micah ( Leo Waya ) in Owerri recently.

Recall that Last week, Leo Waya a 22- year- old young man and business tycoon was kidnapped by three Nigerian Army personnel at Willow Wood hotel Owerri, Imo State according to the testimony of his friends.

He was taken to a remote terrain in Ihiala, Anambra where he was dispossessed of all the money he had, even to the extent of clearing his account. He was murdered and his car, an ES350 car sold. One of them had already been discharged from service.

Check out their hands closely, you will see them holding Leo’s iPhone xxmax, his Apple watch and his flip flops. His sold car had been retrieved. I will get a better shot next time.

The guy who bought the car from them was not pictured in this frame, because he was still being interrogated when these ones were brought out for this beautiful photoshoot.

The Real Story Behind The Death of Leo Waya As Revealed By A Close Friend.

He was kidnapped on 2nd of May, 2020 by some men (3 of them) in millitary uniform. This was few days before his mother’s funeral. These charlatans switched off his phones in order to cause panic. You know, psychological warfare. You all have to be aware that there are some details that can’t be made public as yet, because of the ongoing investigations.

The 3 perpetrators have been caught and one of them even had the nerves to be wearing his flip flops and his Apple watch(which helped in tracking them). Even the person they sold his car to, has been apprehended.

These people had the nerves to demand extra 5 million from his folks after they had cleared his account of an undisclosed lump sum.

It seems (and according to the confession of one of the kidnappers) that he was killed with a blow to the head with the very heavy rock that was depicted in the videos that have been flying around. 

No, he didn’t die that last Tuesday. They had killed him several days ago, this is evident in the stage of decomposition his remains are in, presently.

He was killed and his body abandoned in a secluded bush, somewhere in Anambra State, Close to Ihiala.

Information I gathered today was that these culprits ARE NOT ex-millitary. They are still very much in service. My brain was too befuddled to completely understand what they were even saying. Apparently they had not been dismissed officially, but were declared “AWOL” because they absconded duty and started using their uniforms to perpetrate evil.

They have been caught and are in custody. And no, the body has not been buried.

Please you people should stop pressing misinformation, he was not a cultist, he didn’t do any “shady business”, he was just a calm boy who’s always meek and meek. He was just an unfortunate person who was at the wrong place at the wrong time (at least it seems so, till we uncover if his kidnap was impulsive or orchestrated).

If you’re going to say anything, and you’re not sure of it. Keep mute. Say RIP or pass. If you have any suspicions or speculations, go to state CID, SARS leopard department and iron it out with them.

Do not desecrate the memory of a boy who has not even been buried, someone who’s family and friends are suffering great emotional turmoil right now. 

They didn’t even allow him attend his mother’s funeral. 

I’d do little updates as the whole thing unfolds. One thing is sure, those asswipes are not going scot-free.

Photos of Leo:

Screenshot 20200519 081850 Opera News
Screenshot 20200519 081821 Opera News

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