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No Man Wants To Marry Me Despite My Beauty and I Will Kill Myself Soon- Nigeria Lady cry out

My name is Angela and I am 26 years of age. I hate saying this but I think I should just remain single because my past always come back to hurt me.

When I was in the University, I used to be a very bad girl to the extent that all the lecturers know me. I have slept with more than 12 lectures and more than 50 men in my life time.

I don’t care about anything else because I was having the fun of my life, I don’t read but I always pass very well, I am very pretty so no man will reject me when I offer myself.

Things begin to take another shape when I realized I have lost my womb due to the excessive abortion I have committed over time.

I never cared about getting married but to my utmost surprise, many of my mates began to get married and I began to jealous them so I decided to get married too.

I repented and found a man who I finally settled down with but after so many years, he discovered that i have no womb to carry his babies so he got frustrated and sent me away after digging into my past life, this happen to another man but after that I got
 frustrated  and decided not to get married again in my life. I’m even thinking of taking my own life.

What should I do? Is there any hope for me now?

What advice do you have for this lady? What do you think she can do to fix back her life? Drop your comments.


  1. Without womb no man can marry you. Because every man wants to be a father. Just give your life to Christ Jesus, maybe him fit reason your matter later. And hook you up with someone that will accept to adopt. But for now make yourself available in God’s presence

  2. There’s nothing impossible for God to do, there are testimonies of women without womb that are mothers of children today.
    Genuinely repent and return to God and have faith in God winning souls and Praying kindom advancement prayers in faith and God will show up for you and you shall be mother of children.
    Check these scriptures to get understanding of this message, Exodus 23:25 and Matthew 6:33, am sure if follow and do as advised here, you shall soon rejoice. God bless you much.

  3. My advice is that you should stop writing lies on social media and give your life to Christ. Simple calculation: how can some one who is 26 yrs now spent 4 to 5 yrs in d university? I’m sure u also served for 1yr, get married for “so many years”, left that husband, get married to another and still be 26yrs? I wasted my data for reading ur lies. Announcement! God still accepts sinners today, surrender ur life to him b4 its becomes late….SHALOM.

  4. I will marry you even without your womb only if you have gone past your previous life style…..then there is no problem…..

  5. No condition is permanent,….be well assure, God can do it for you. just say your case can`t be different from what God have being doing,. don`t minds what people have being saying.

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