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You don’t owe your parents anything, don’t let manipulate into feelings that they did you a favour by taking care of you- Solomon buchi

Solomons bauchi described the act of children sending money to their aged parents as the biggest scam ever invented. 

The media personality insisted that children do not owe their parents anything as they should have prepared for old age. He also urged parents to stop putting their children under pressure by always taking from them. 

He posted below:

You really don’t owe your parents anything-don’t let them manipulate you into feeling that they did you a favor by feeding & housing you, giving you education. You don’t owe them for this. I know this will offend somne people, but 90% of African parents are entitled and toxic.

Reaction by anonymous:

Solomon buchi is your Twitter account hacked or are you high on something illegal?… I can’t believe this is coming from you… I am so disappointed and have lost almost all respect for you… you may come from a broken home or maybe your parents didn’t care for you but don’t generalize with your own case… some parents (both literate and illiterate) spend their entire active life providing and training their children..

maybe they shouldn’t have done so… so that they could save all that up for old age… even if your parents didn’t train you educationally, I am sure someone played their role in your life, otherwise you wouldn’t be this literate to type this rubbish you did in English or your any other language… I am avoiding anything NOBLE IGWE henceforth because they’ll be coming from a man with wrong perception of life and care for humankind…

Reaction by anonymous:

This guy is high on something…The reverse of your statement is what ve always known an heard,that your parents owe you nothing after seing you through school.So you are advising us not to take care of our parents at old age?Noble,do you know what it means to carry a child for nine months and also take care of him/her till adulthood? Many good parents even sweat just to train their kids in school,some deprive themselves of somethings just to make sure their kids end well,how then will such parents prepare for old age?You think our parents enjoyed the priveledge they made us enjoy when they where younger?If you feel you owe ur parents nothing, for me,I owe my parents even more than the whole world.Dont worry,you have kids nau,they will abandon your old big head.Get thee behind me ,agent of doom!

Reaction by anonymous

This Solomon is an idiot so you skipped the part of the bible that says we should take care of our parents when they are old,even without anybody telling you, you cant use your short brain to know that they should be taken care of after all their suffering for you,imagine if your parents refused to train you well and make life better for you,noble for this statement your children will forget you when youre old and wrinkled,before you die make sure you provide the money for your burial so you dont stress them cos using their money to bury you would be a scam,your type sef no deserve befitting burial useless MOFO.

Reaction by Mohammed:

I’m not surprised all you cult guys have a clause in your pact with the devil part of which would be never to help your parents you are a disappointment to your parents I pray they swear for you every morning when they wake up why didn’t you train yourself from childhood you owe them no matter what your medicine man tells you useless idiot you are a disgrace to the human race its your type that will spend millions to bury your parents but leave them in penury when alive may the Almighty God make your children hate the very sight of you even before you grow old and useless fucking iyanmirin cultist.

what is your reaction?

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