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Tears: Leo was taken to evil forest in Ihiala by the kidnappers where they tied him up repeatedly hit a stone on his head, till his brain shattered, and they left him

Yesterday the people of owerri woke up to the terrible news of Young Leo who was gruesome murdered in cold blood, it was a dark Tuesday, Leo was popularly known for his passion in football, a very quiet boy with big dreams and ambitions.

he was kidnapped few days to his mother’s burial, as he checked out of the willow Wood Hotel Orji, he was intercepted by four men in military uniform, early investigations on one of the suspects found out that two of the military personnels were in active service(still under investigation) while two have been discharged from service, he thought he was been arrested, never knew he world was about to end.

His bank account was drained, his vehicle was auctioned out, every valuable looted, all this he gave out, begging to live, begging to survive, please don’t kill me, he must have cried, please just let me go and pay my Last respect to mummy, I can’t afford to miss her burial.

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He was ready to sacrifice everything so that he can live,he gave everything, but it wasn’t possible, he was not dealing with humans, he was dealing with animals, cold blooded animals, animals without conscience, the devil’s incarnates, the took him from owerri to Ihiala in Anambara state, the took him to the evil forest, Leo screamed but no one could hear his voice, Leo was already seeing his own death, his memory played back all his dreams, he cried out this time not to men but to God, it was obvious that this men doesn’t have conscious,God please don’t let me die he must have prayed, but like the bible said, in everything give glory to God,

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It was obvious to Leo that he was going to die, he wanted to die a swift death, but this wicked men are not ready for that, they wanted him to die a painful death, the tied him up, after beating him mercilessly, the could have made it swift by using guns, but nope, the wanted Leo to die a death even animals won’t want to die, they took a stone,which weigh more than 6kg, you can see the stone close to the corpse, please don’t kill me with that stone little Leo must have begged, even David didn’t use such stone on Goliath, but the evil men do not even care, they hit him the stone, alas, Leo died with a shattered brain, a shattered dream, his career goals shattered.

Family and friends are mourning him, everyone is typing RIP, but how can his soul rest in peace when his killers have not been brought to justice? The only way his soul can rest in peace is unless he gets justice, The government should ensure that justice is served, so that Little Leo can rest in peace


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