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I converted from Islamic to Christianity because coronavirus does not affect a true child of God -mallam said after converting to Christian in kaduna

The Islamic mallam was asked in the dream why is corona not affecting Christians

Today I received an Ex Muslim in my office who told me one of the best things I heard this year. He said one of his Islamic teachers when he was a muslim called him to come and when he visited him, the Islamic Cleric disclosed to him that, in a dream he was asked, why is it that Christians are not infected with CORONA VIRUS and he answered he doesn’t know.

And the person told him it is because Christians worship a living God and the living God is protecting them therefore CORONA VIRUS can not affect them.

My friend told him have you forgotten when I became a Christian and you asked me why I became a Christian and I told you I became a Christian because their God is a living God? And he said , he remember.

According to my friend , the Islamic CLERIC told him he got the Revelation some few days before the 2020 Ramadan fasting and because of that he didn’t do one single fasting because what he was told disturbed him and that’s why he called him to explain to him more about Christianity.

According to the Islamic Cleric all his Children agreed to follow him to Christianity but one of his wives because he has 2wives said she has to think about it.

My friend have lead the Islamic CLERIC to Christ and I adviced my friend to advise him to move away from Kaduna State because of his security.


But unfortunately many Christians are ignorant of the power they have IN JESUS. I told you yesterday while praying for a woman, and a spirit spoke through her and said He is ‘God’ and I challenged the spirit if you are God say JESUS and the spirit couldnt mention the Name JESUS but the spirit could mention GOD.

Remember I posted recently and told you GOD is a title like saying PROFESSOR. The name of the true God Is YAHWEH .

Do not look at Europe and America and argue that they are Christians they are also infected , the truth is America and Europe have deviated from Christianity completely.

Abortion, Same Sex Marriage, Idolatry, 50% UK are Atheist, France etc. They believe their technology is above God , now God allowed the CORONA VIRUS to teach them some lessons , that He is still God.

Yeshua ha Maschaich i pray by the power of the holy spirit you will continue to use this corona virus to reveal yourself to Muslims, atheist, Buddhists , Pagans, and even unserious christians etc like you revealed yourself to this Islamic cleric in Kaduna state let them know that the god of the Christians is the living God

Professor Ishaq of MURIC knew CORONA VIRUS IS NOT touching Christians reason he said CORONA VIRUS IS brought to reduce the population of Muslims. Instead of bow to the God of the Christians he chose to lie, because he serves the Father of lies.

Can you see the reason also Satan wants the Churches to shut down? He knows only Christians can bring CORONA VIRUS out of circulation. His target is the Church not your office or Market. The Church is not only you. The Church is a body, JESUS IS the head and you are part of the body. Only you can not make a Church do not be deceived. CORONA VIRUS with or without vaccination will soon GO. But let what YAHWEH ELOHIM wants to achieved by allowing it be achieved before it leaves… GLORY BE TO JESUS CHRIST GLORIFIED

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