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No one shown much love to the Northern almajiri as goodluck Jonathan, Yet Kwankwaso boasted that they used almajiri to vote Jonathan out – Reno

Former aid to Ex president good luck Jonathan, Reno Omokri, retrospected back to all the good things the former president of Nigeria good luck Jonathan did for Amaljiris.

In his statement, No one has ever done favoured or show love to Almajiri Like good luck Jonathan, but yet Kwankwaso boasted that they used almajiri to vote Jonathan out, despite all his good deeds.

Below was the statement made by Good luck Jonathan years back, why he built Amaljiri school :

The ex-president noted that when he became Nigeria’s president, at least 10.5 million children across the country were out of school despite being of school age

He further said it was sad to find out that 80% of that population are from the Northern region of Nigeria.

His words: “In Nigeria, there were 10.5 million (about 15% of the population) out of school children who were of school age, going by UNICEF figures, as at the time I became president.

“Over 80% of these children for which majority are known as Almajiri came from the northern part of Nigeria, where I recorded the least votes in the elections I contested.

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“Knowing the value of education, I could see that the ugly situation was limiting the opportunities of these children and negatively affecting the development of my country.

“That was why my administration decided to build 165 Almajiri Integrated Model Schools which combined both western and Islamic education in its curricula,” he said.null

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Northern Nigeria is the most backward – Ribadu

With very little acceptance of family planning methods resulting in an increase in birth rate and an Almajiri system of education, the northern region of Nigeria has been considered the “most backward in the world.”

Reno Omokri posted below :

From the creation of Nigeria in 1914 to date, no one has shown as much love to the Northern almajiri as GEJonathan.

Yet Kwankwaso boasted that they used almajiri to vote Jonathan out. Let me ask, how exactly has General @MBuhari benefited almajiri or Kwankwaso?

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What can you say to this?

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