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Nigerians demand justices for 18 year old Jennifer suffering from disorderliness after being gang-raped by 5 men in Kaduna (video)

(Jennifer and her relatives as she is being fed with milk for resuscitation)

Nigerians are currently trending a hash tag, #Justice4Jennifer as the video of 18 years old Jennifer who was gang-raped by 5 men goes viral on twitter

Jennifer was said to have been raped in Kaduna by some five men whose identities, Ochenwari is yet unravel at the moment this report is being filled. In the viral video, Jennifer is seen almost lifelessly unconscious of her immediate environment as her relatives make effort to resuscitate her by feeding her milk. The sight of the video of this poor innocent girl will move you to tears.

Nigerians are already calling for justice to unleash her fair venom against the perpetrators of the inhuman act meted against young Jennifer.

Ochenwari adds voice to the cry of fellow Nigerians begging for #Justice4Jennifer. Our girls have the right to wear anything, which way they choose to wear it without fear of rape, assault, humiliation nor molestation. Because a lady visits you dressed in some manner does not mean she has called for rape.

The same society that teaches our girls to dress decently, should as well teach our boys and men to appreciate decency. Rape is not just inhuman, inhumane and abuse but an indecent behavior. Our girls can’t continue living in fear of rape. There is no reason whatsoever that can justify rape. Rape for any reason or purpose is still rape and should be punished.

We call on the Nigerian law enforcement agencies such as the Nigeria Police Force to move swiftly to investigate, arrest and prosecute the abusers of Jennifer. Jennifer must be allowed justice.

Jennifer has become an archetype for all the girls—born or unborn. Today, it is Jennifer that was raped, tomorrow, it could be you, your daughter, or anyone else’s. If Jennifer does not get public trial and prosecution of those evil men who connived, conspired and had her gang raped to unconsciousness, it shall strengthen other rapists and serve as lubricant to their rape prowess.

see reaction below :

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I therefore call on the members of the public to share these article until Nigerian security operatives get disturbed enough to move into action.

watch video below:

What can you say to this, please help the poor girl get justice by sharing till it get to the government authorities

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