Nigerian government does not exist – American Lady calls out Buhari, Osinbajo and Buratai

An American Lady has slammed Buhari government of going into Hide and seek since the beginning of COVID-19.

In a video she shared online, she said that the Nigerian Government does not exist.

She said: “Hey you all, I got some questions for the Nigerian Government who is non-existing Right Now, Buhari/Jubril because you know their are people who impersonate Buahri, I saw the different ears of the 2 different Pictures of the so called Buhari, where are you Buhari/Jubril?

She said that Nigerian Government is lying to the Nigerian People adding that there is non-existing Government in Nigeria, Terrorists are free hiding in trucks going to the south east amid Coronavirus Pandemic with nobody doing anything.

She questioned the whereabouts of Buhari, Buratai and Osinbajo since the Coronavirus Pndemic started.

Recall that Buratai’s mother died, but the Army chief did not attend his mother’s Funeral, In Reaction, the white lady questioned why Buratai did not attend his mother’s Funeral.

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“Maybe I need to Let my Government know that there is no Government in Nigeria Right Now.”

She accused the South East Governors of allowing Almajiris to enter the states, adding that they are terrorists because there is no women and Children among them, alleges that they were sent to attack the south East because Boko Haram threatened to attack the south east after the coronavirus.

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While Questioning the whereabouts of Buhari, Osinbajo and Buratai, she alleges that Abba Kyari’s body was not the one Buried in his Grave.

“Who was Buried in Abba kyari’s grave? There were blood stains, he died of COVID-19, why is there blood stains?

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“I want to know who is running Nigeria, Buhari need to come on LIVE video, not recorded video, otherwise everyone in my country will know that there is a non-existing Government in Nigeria. She added.


◇ I sorry, sorry oooo! ? ?I SORRY FOR NIGERIA ?

“Sorry, Sorry” is a 1998 Femi Kuti song from the album Shoki Shoki. It is one of his best known tunes. The lyrics are a complaint against evil leadership in Nigeria.

“Imagine life after Coronavirus when the ‘PRESIDENCY’ cannot produce a president ??? Imagine the shame of Nigerians all over the world as nations and people start speaking out like this lady here.

What can you say to this ?

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