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Bill Gate Says The World will never Be Free from coronavirus Unless This One Thing is Done

It is no doubt that the world right now is in a state of panic because of the Corona Virus which has take away lives of many. Almost every continent in the world has been affected by the Corona Virus.

It is true that the Corona Virus did not get to African countries on time, however most countries in Africa have now recorded over a thousand cases.

In a bid to save the world from this pandemic, solutions are being proferred, an example is the cure from Madgascar.

However, Bill gates has also gotten himself fixed into finding a vaccine.

In a recent nterview conducted with Microsoft founder, Bill Gates made a rough claim as to why the world needed his vaccine to be used to cure the world.

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According to Bill Gate “the world might never remain the same except the whole word is forced to use his own vaccine”

“The world will only come back to normal, only if the whole world is vaccinated and this is our top motive ” 

Bill gates also emphasized that government can take measures in order to make sure people are forced to use the Vaccine.

However, People do not seem to agree to this and alot of people do not buy his idea.

Most people think the Vaccine may be a way of trying to control the world’s population.

However, comments from various part of the world shows people are obviously not dancing to Bill gates music. Most people see the vaccine as his way of trying to reduce the population.

Do you think the only way for the world to be free is to use Bill gate’s Vaccine.

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