Tuesday, May 11, 2021

While others are forced to put on face masks, Donald Trump refused to wear one, because of this

While others are forced to put on face masks, Donald Trump refused to wear one, because of this

The president of United States of America Pay a visitation to a toured facility for inquisition and inquiring.

Ideally any one going to such place was to wear a face mask which was very much compulsory and mandatory before permit.

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But Donald Trump visititation to mask factory, which he refused to any face mask as he toured the facility, for check up.

Mr Trump was at the Honeywell factory in Phoenix, in one of his firsts trips outside of Washington since the coronavirus outbreak.

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The president did not wear a mask but was pictured wearing clear plastic glasses at one point during the visit.

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His reason for not wearing a face mask might be because, he doubted the authenticity of the factory in production of face mask that can really prevent one from contacting coronavirus.

Secondly, his reason might be, he so bold and having much confident in God that nothing can harm him that God got his back.

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Thirdly, it might be for personal reasons which is best know to him alone.

What do you think?

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