Pastor Oyedepo go sit down,going to church is not important – Kemi Olunloyo said

Nigeria popular journalist, kemi Olunloyo, twitter on her twitter handle In response to the statement made by the generals overseer of Living faith, winners, Pastor Bishop Oyedepo.

Below was the statement made by pastor Oyedepo:

“For people to be allowed to be in the market for six hours and can’t be in church for two hours, it’s an upside down way of looking at things. There is more hope for a poor and wise child than an old foolish king who would no longer be admonished (Ecclesiastes 4:13),” Oyedepo blared.

“Which one is more orderly? The market or the church? I can smell a rat. The Lord spoke to me so strongly yesterday. I can smell a rat. This is about how do we stop the church from exploding?

Kemi, then took her twitter handle to reply Pastor Oyedepo in a very disrespectful manner.

Kemi Olunloyo posted below :

“Oyedepo go sit down. We have learned from South Korea. A pastor and mega-church spread #COVID19 to one single country. Pastor bowing begging journalists. Markets are not stationary, everyone’s moving. Church everyone is stationary, anyone could cough or sneeze.”

“Pastor @DavidOyedepoMin Church is NOT essential, God is essential. I have worshipped online for three years. People can pay tithe online. We ain’t opening no damn church!”

To me her statement was disrespectful knowing the fact that she was addressing a man of God.

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  1. Well I do not blame her too much, It is lack of manner that is worrying her. I pray that God will forgive her. Meanwhile it is quite unfortunate that we the Nigerians we do not know how to respect the men and women of God in our midst, we do not honour them, and that is why we are getting it hard and difficult to progress. I am deeply sorry we lack of Biblical understanding in Nigeria. The market can be opened for 6 hours and while the Church cannot exceed 2 hours. What an antichrist signs against the Church? Once again, the woman doesn’t know what she was saying, and may God deliver her from such evil spirit in Jesus name.

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