Family narrowly escapes being strangled to death by a gigantic pythons in the house around 2am in the night (video)

Nigerian woman and her children were lucky to be alive, after experiencing a death threats while sleeping in the night.

According to reports, the woman and her children were sleeping in the night, around 2am when she heard her child shouting snake, snake, she immediately woke up from sleep, Lol and behold what she saw in her house was a very gigantic pythons.

Immediately she raise alarm, and her neighbours without hesitation came to her rescue and they killed the python.

In the video that was posted by an eyewitness, after the snake was killed the people were seen carrying the python in to their bag, as they intend to take it home for consumption.

During the interview with the woman she was grateful to God for saving her family from death, who knows what could have happened if they did not see the snake on time.

The incident took place in Bariga Lagos .

Watch video below


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