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Don’t go and marry a badly raised man and come here to be disturbing our ears, because some men are badly raised by their parents – woman Advices

Nigerian woman took to her facebook account to give advice to ladies concerning who to marry.

She posted below :

Some of you while dating your boyfriend/husband noticed that he was badly raised but because you want to answer Mrs by fire by thunder decided to stay and marry him.

Your national anthem is now “men are scum”
Biko stop the generalisation…stop comparing badly raised men with the good ones.

Badly raised men are product of bad parenting.
Some of you calling men scum and all the derogatory names will scream blue murder if you happen to go to your married brother’s house and see him washing clothes or cooking.

While preparing your female children for marriage, do well to prepare your male children too.

Don’t just train the girl child and leave the boy to be growing on his own.
We are always telling the girl-child “is this what you will be doing in your husband’s house” but nobody remembers to tell a boy ” is this how you will be treating your wife “
From birth, girl-child is trained and prepared for marriage but the reverse is the case for some boys.

Stop disturbing our ears, teach your male child how to respect women and be a good husband.

Those bad behaviors of your husband, try as much as possible to make your son not to have it, break the circle

What can you say to this?

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