I have committed a crime please arrest me, Nigerian men go crazy over a pretty female police officer

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A young female police officer is currently causing a stir on Twitter in less than 24 hours she started using Twitter.

She joined Twitter yesterday 4th of May 2020 and she has already caught the attention of male Twitter users with her pretty baby face.

Owolafe Omoadoni joined the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) in 2018 and she joined Twitter with the nickname Baby Cop.

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Since she joined Twitter yesterday she has gotten a lot of attention from Nigerian men on Twitter because of her beautiful and baby looking face.

Nigerian men have flooded her replies, retweeting her pictures and professing love for her. Some even asked her to arrest them just so they can be close to her.

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A young man on Twitter wrote “Hello please I’ve committed a crime, I fear I may need to be arrested”, while another said that she doesn’t need to chase a criminal, her beauty will convince him to surrender.

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