My husband bathes with my father every day, but he refused to touch me – newly married woman cry out

A young lady identified as Adedolapo has cried out on social media after her husband who they have only being married for three months has been bathing in the same bathroom with her father but fails to perform his duties.

According to her: ‘ I am the only child and daughter of a single dad, I have been married for three months now, my husband did all necessary rights, wedding and all then I moved with him and we’ve really been good together.

I never really knew him before we married, my father was the one who told me a young man who works with him saw my pictures on his phone and said he likes me.

Then I said okay, we got to meet, got familiar with each other and within 2months he rushed everything but where the problem started was when my dad moved in with us immediately after my wedding, it was okay for me because I would be seeing my dad every day but I was surprised to see my husband and dad coming out from the bathing room.

after many times that my husband left the bed so early to take his bath, I didn’t really take it seriously but its been happening for three months now, my husband never touches me and he’s always with my father, goes to his room and comes out sweating, takes his bath with my dad before coming to bed to sleep of till the next morning.

I have tried talking to him about it in the early days when I noticed but he says its nothing but now he shouts at me when I bring up such matter, even my dad doesn’t wanna talk about it, I am really confused and scared, please advice me, I love my husband ‘, she added.

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