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21st Century Police Promise to be the Change Nigerians have been asking for!!!

As a matter of fact, there is need for transformation in Nigeria police force, due to what will be experiencing. The call for transformations in Nigeria police force is for the betterment of all Nigerians citizens that has being molest by the police force.

According to the Nigerian constitution, the police have the legal backing to arrest any offender that go against the law of the land.

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As long as the crime committed is against the tenants of the constitution, such arrest is legal. Although in today’s world, the Nigerian police are seen to take laws in their own hands which is not meant to be.

There are laid down rules in Nigeria which specifies what an offence is and what an offence is not. Also bear in mind that there are certain offences that do not qualify to be called a crime and do not concern the Nigerian police. Examples of such offences includes those related to traffic offence.

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There are other arms of security established by the law to see to such offences. The Vehicle Inspection officers, the Traffic wardens and the Road Safety Officials are personnels charged with the power to arrest traffic offenders.

A young Nigerian software developer, Toni Astro, was harassed and assaulted by a unit of the Nigerian Police Force known as the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) because he carried a laptop.

He was immediately accused of being a fraud or what’s popularly known in Nigeria as 419. Astro, who tweeted his experience with the rogue police unit had guns pointed at his legs. The policemen then demanded for $2,760 (1M Naira). Shocked at the demand the policemen made he was asked to then pay half of the initial amount they had requested for.

He was slapped by six policemen who had by this time dragged him to the police station where they were to extort him. Despite presenting a student I.D card, the policemen didn’t listen to him.

They threatened to instead take him to Kiri Kiri, a notorious prison in Nigeria. Astro’s story is just one of the many stories that Nigerian youths have to tell about their experience with SARS Police.

Indeed if 21st Century Police Promise to be the Change Nigerians have been asking for, let give them a chance…

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