Lady mistakenty sends ,N4O0k instead of
N40k as tithe, cries out as church refuses
to refund

The issue of tithing remains a controversial topic in Nigerian churches. While for many Bible-believing Christians, paying tithe is just as important as every other Christian practice, if not more, there are those however, who don’t agree to this as they believe religious men of God hide under this lie to steal from their followers.

A story currently trending online has give people in the latter group, even more reasons to believe tithing is nothing but another form of scam. A lady recently took to social media to share her dilemma with her boyfriend’s church.

According to the gist, she had recently started attending his church and decided to pay her tithe to the church. However, rather than pay the N40k she had planned to, she revealed that she mistakenly sent a whopping N400k; N360k more than she had intended.

Realizing her mistake, she immediately alerted her boyfriend who in turn asked her to go see the junior pastor. Things took an interesting turn when she met with the pastor and was told it could not be refunded to her. According to the man of God, ‘it was God’s doing’ and that she should leave it as more blessings will come her way.

The lady revealed that the money was meant for her shop rent and equipment and therefore, she could not afford to let it go like that. Her boyfriend however, did not seem to be bothered as he even felt offended that she had insulted his church. She stated that his family also felt offended by her desire to get her money back.

The confused lady who sort online help, stated that she loves her boyfriend whom she has been dating for 2 years. According to her, the relationship might lead to marriage but the issue of the tithe money is causing problems for her. She expressed that she cannot give up such an amount of money as she has bills to pay, and that this may be the end of their relationship.

See screenshot below :

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