Boko Haram massive gun warehouse bursted by Chadian officers, the sophisticated weapons recovered will shock you!!

About seven days back, a trap by Boko Haram agitators killed more than 90 of Chadian officers.

What’s more, in a retalliatory activity, the Chadian military slaughtered many Boko Haram psychological militants. Hardly any days after his gathering with the Commanders of Multi-National Joint Taskforce (MNJTF) at Baga, the Chadian President, Idriss Deby, guided his nation’s Armed Forces to leave on cruel activities in the lake Chad pivot.

What’s more, In one of the recordings acquired by PRNigeria, the Chadian soldiers were seen reciting resolve lifting melodies, while shooting Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) weapons at the radicals in overwhelming firearm fights.

Sahara columnists released photographs of Boko Haram distribution center busted by the Chadian soldiers drove by President Idris Debby who himself was ones a military general has developed.

See post beneath; As indicated by reports, while doing combating on thursday evening at kelkoua, bank of Lake Chad as Tchadian powers terminated rockets and 12.5mm adjusts on Boko Haram contenders from the two flanks. A few Boko Haram dugouts were supposedly found and devastated.

See photos below :

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