Husband beat and deform the face of her wife for eating all the meat in the pot

During this period will of quarantine, a very unfortunate incident relating to domestic violence has occurred once again. This time in Ekeremor local government area of Bayelsa state. A beautiful lady of 37 was beaten black and blue by her husband, Mr John Udoka, 45. See a before and after picture of the woman below; According to reports

the man was seen to have beaten up the poor lady by punching her face till it turned all bruised and black because she actually took more than one meat from the pot of soup which she had earlier prepared.

The husband claimed that he had earlier told her to take one and leave one meat for him the next morning. However, when he checked he discovered that the meat was not there, and she actually denied eating it.

The Residents of the area complained that they kept hearing cries and noises from their apartment that night and when they got to the scene.

they quickly rushed the woman to a nearby clinic, however the husband had ran as soon as the street emptied itself in their neighbourhood for fear of being arrested by the Police.

Eye witnesses said that the scene was very bad and an ugly experience. They hope that the estranged husband would be caught and apprehended soon.

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