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Written by Ehigiator Victory. (Associate)

Many people exist but only few lives. A pin does nt make a sound  in water but when it drops on d floor  it does make a sound. We get to meet different people  as we pass through life with different experiences.

 But what we have done 4 others, how much we have impacted others, the sincerity of our love toward others will inscribe an indelible mark in d lives of these people. it will create memories unforgettable .don’t join to slander but be a repairer…

Some piple might not be the way u like, some might not dress to your taste, dey might not speak what you like, or behave strange. It is a process of life and one day they will learn and realize. Help others in life and not laugh at them  at their back, profile solution and don’t become a mocker, see their good and not just their bad, love them 4 who they are and not what you expect them to be, don’t criticize but try to  reach out 4 your self .
Help others achieve, acquire and be searcher and not a killer.

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