50 Cent’s claim Chris Brown is a better performer and artist than Michael Jackson, See how Micheal daughter replied him.


A controversy has  come out publicly between Micheal Jackson daughter and 50 cent  claim of Chris Brown being a better performer and artist than Michael Jackson has taken a different twist, as he is now enmeshed in a back-and-forth heated exchange with the daughter of the late Pop star, Paris Jackson. The rapper had fanned the flames of sexual abuse against Michael Jackson on Wednesday September 4, with his Instagram post in which Chris Brown was seen doing multiple backflips across a stage. He captioned the post “All I’m saying is I never seen MJ come out like this.”

Paris Jackson however lashed out at 50 Cent in the comment section of the post by describing him as an attention-seeker. She wrote “superbowl 1993. true legends don’t need to exert outrageous amounts of energy just to grasp your attention. stillness, my friend. stillness. more power in stillness than you can probably understand.” She added, “And i say this with zero shade to chris i love him dearly. this is just for you 50.”
However the rapper fired back at Paris by referencing HBO’s documentary Leaving Neverland documentary, where two men—Wade Robeson and James Safechuck—claim they were sexually abused as children by Michael.  
Reposting a headline that read Paris “slams 50 Cent over Michael Jackson-Chris Brown comparisons” in a now deleted Instagram post, he attached the caption “Why am I the bad guy,I understand how you feel Paris,but does anyone care about how the little boys butts feels, Do you really think Christ Brown is better than Micheal Jackson?
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