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Chaos, Robbers attack UI female hostel, move away with students phones, laptops, others valuable materials


Robbers attack UI female hostel, cart away with students phones, laptops, others
A student residing in the hostel said the robbers arrived the hostel at about 2am and began operating after tying up the security guards. They gained access, broke down the doors and demanded for money, phones, laptops and other personal belongings. 
 They were about seven. They were paired in twos, moving from a room to another, collecting people’s phones and laptops. They knew about this hostel, and they were so comfortable. They had time to operate. “They tied up our security man. One of the two males who were alarmed and decided to come from their block to see the situation was machetes on the head and the other received a cut on his hand.
” a female resident said Another student said “They had a struggle entering into the hostel because the security in New Hall is actually tight. The bang we heard when the door was axed down already told us that something was coming for us.
 But we didn’t know what it was and we were wondering where the securities and potters were at this time. “On the ground floor where I stay only two rooms were not affected, the rest were. I don’t know what happened on the first floor, but so far, I’ve heard that three rooms were affected.” 
The attack is said to be the fourth of such in recent times.
The incident occurred around 1:30 a.m and the suspects made away with the students’ phones, laptops, cash, and other valuables.  Two students were also seriously injured but were later rushed to the University’s health center for treatment. 
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