mother cry out over the death of her two kids that was “poisoned”.

 Nigerian mother took to Facebook to  cry out over the death of her two kids that was “poisoned”. the person behind the poising of her two kids was not detected, the woman was in agony as she  prayed that God never forgives whoever poisoned her kids as she disclosed that one of them died in her arms and it was so painful.
She Wrote:
 She wrote; “I can’t believe u died in my hand I still not believe our death my own baby died in on my legs who so every has poison to God wouldn’t forgive them I still can’t type rip just now but with tears in my RIP my darling faithful and my lovely baby Shiloh” “please somebody should wake me up from dis dream.
 I can’t believe that my Shiloh died on my hands God who we be my up Cuming fashion designer who we be my professor who we model my kids dress. O God why me RIP OOOOO my lovely children” “Jesus who did this to me nd why me”
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