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UI student 400-level slumps and dies after writing test in school


 A student of  UI  400-level  slumps and dies after writing test in school.
 the student was identify as Victor Ajidagba, a 400-Level student of the Department of Nursing, University of Ibadan, slumped and died shortly after writing a test on Wednesday. 
Ajidagba was rushed to the University Clinic, known as Jaja Clinic, but all attempts to resuscitate and stabilize him  was all to vain as he gave up the ghost. 
 students who witnessed the incident stated that  the medical officers on duty try all her possible best to save his life by administering first-aid treatment but had to refer him to the University College Hospital (UCH), Oritamefa, Ibadan, when they discovered the severity of the case. . He later died in the hospital, despite the effort to save him, may his soul rest in peace amen.
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