Four Turkish construction workers who were Kidnapped in Nigeria set freed


Kidnapped Turkish nationals freed in Kwara . . Four Turkish construction workers who were abducted around 10pm on July, 22, 2019, at a bar in Kwara State, were rescued on Friday during an operation. . . Six gunmen had stormed the bar in the Edu district, Gbale, as the four employees of Istanbul concrete: Yasin Colak, 33, Senerapal, 40, Ergun Yurdakul, 35, and Seyit Keklik, 25, were having drinks.
The victims are said to be working with Instabul concrete company limited in the village. Mr. Egbetokun said the rescue was made possible by the support received from the Inspector General of Police and the local vigilante.
 “The Command has been working round the clock since they were abducted with the local vigilante and the IGP anti rescue and intelligent team, our own anti kidnapping and anti-robbery square and operation harmony anti as well as Fulani group around the area. The arrest we made put pressure on other members of the gang to release the abductees. “The kidnappers initially demanded for N400 million but they later reduced it to N100 million but I want to say here that no ransom was pay in the release of the hostages,” the police boss. Thanks to God that they were not killed. 
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