Newborn Baby dumped, found dead by unknown person

People has gone too bad to the extent that cannot be imagine various of abominable crime are committed by people every day that pass by, what a world People are so heartless and wicked, baby was dumped found death in waste bin by unknown person. 
What could be the cause of this wicked act? that result to a woman that carry her baby for 9-months that undergo pain during delivery, and now that she has successfully deliver the baby all she could do is to dump the baby without having empathy on the pain what a world we live?
Daybreaknews.com.ng  here by advice all women out there that is capable of such act , if you know that you are not ready to have baby please abstain from sex rather than having a bay which supposed to bring joy to you, now bring you regret and the next thing on your mind is to look for one way or the other to  eradicate the baby that is a gift from God ,who knows  it might be the only baby you may have on earth that will bring you blessing, don’t destroy or kill your fruit.
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